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Sleep safety

Hey everyone,

  I'm kind of new, kind of not. I was on the bump a while ago, though not very frequently, then my computer broke and what a pain in the butt it is to go on this site on my phone! Anyways, back now, so hello!

  My question is about sleep safety. My son will be a year old on June 3rd. I have never put anything in his crib with him. Just the mattress and a tight fitting sheet. Is it ever safe, and if so when, to put a blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal in the crib with him?

Re: Sleep safety

  • 1 year is the 'official' date.

    Some people wait longer, others do it sooner. Really, it is just whenever you are comfortable with it.

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  • My ds has been sleeping with a blanket for always.  We gave him a pillow at about 9 months because he could sit up on his own and move around on his own.  Since we gave him the pillow he has been sttn.

    I think you have to do whatever makes you comfortable. 

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  • My son has always had a blanket. He is 14 months now and has a few stuffed animals in there (which he usually chucks out of the crib).

    Do what feels comfortable, though.

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  • hahaha. comfortable. I wish. I'm finding I am extrememly paranoid about some things. like SIDS. I still make my husband stare at the monitor after I already have been for 10 minutes to make sure that ds's chest is rising and falling and he is indeed breathing. I really didn't think I would be such a freak!
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