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Needing PT advice

I have a very strong willed, smart 3 year old DD who I am trying desperately to get potty trained.  She is able to pee and poop on the potty and has done so, most recently she went 2 full weeks of peeing/pooping on the potty all day long, with the exception of during the night.  She currently wears pull ups the majority of the time but needs diapers at nap/night time.  We have tried the reward system, we have tried putting her in big girl panties and seeing what happens, lets just say, she would pee in them and continue doing whatever she was doing as if it didn't bother her.  We have also tried the potty watch.  She has never once told us that she "needs to go potty" but if she goes in her pull-up she will say "I need a new pull-up."  She has gone on all of the toilets in our home, shes gone at school, church, friends homes and even public places.  I don't know what to do.  Its not that she is unable to go, it is an all out fight to get her on the potty, even when the potty watch goes off and she gets excited and runs to tell us it went off, we bring her in the bathroom and she has a full out fit, and gets so worked up that she can't/won't pee.  

Any suggestions?  Am I pushing too hard?  Everyone always told me that you will know when they are ready, but with her there were never any signs.  She never showed interest in the potty, she NEVER woke up from naps/nighttime dry.  When she does go she is very proud of herself and excited for any rewards, but it's getting her on the potty and getting her to recognize when she has to go...

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