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Hi everyone, I just found out I am pregnant and called to make my first dr app... come to find out, my gynecologist apparently doesn't deliver babies anymore... So, now I am seeing someone else in his practice for the first appointment.  I was just curious if anyone had any recommendations for the Tulsa area in case we don't click with this new doctor.  We would prefer to deliver at St. Johns.  Thanks in advance everyone!

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  • I loved my OB, Dr. Tracey Lakin with the Women's Health Group.  They are St. John's OR Hilcrest, you get your pick.  I went with St. John's.  You can see anyone in the group too if you don't click with the doctor you start with.  I started with Dr. Noland, but she had a baby a week before I did, so obviously we had to switch midway.
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  • I am with Tulsa OB/GYN associates and saw Dr. Ribaudo today for the first time.  She was wonderful and explained everything and took time to talk so I think we will stick with her.  Thanks for the recommendation though! I really appreciate it!

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