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How do I get info about doc doing CVS testing?

I was told that I will be referred to someone at the BI, but not who. I know that the degree of risk depends upon the experience of the doctor, but I am a bit concerned that I will merely get a referral and there won't be sufficient time or information for me to feel secure about the doc.

If you had an amnio or cvs with a doc at either the BI or the Brigham, who was it and what was your experience? 

Re: How do I get info about doc doing CVS testing?

  • you're finally pregnant!?? CONGRATS!! 

    I got my NT scan results back right at 13wks ,so i couldn't do the CVS.  I am still debating an amnio, i have a level 2 u/s scheduled in 2wks and if things are still up in the air then , we'll probably do it.  our downs #'s came back at 1 in 70.

    i'm on the n.shore and hoping to deliver at the local hospital still but i just had a consult w/ a high risk Dr. (i had pre-e w/ my son) out of BI. Dr. Hammar.  he was great and very easy to talk to. good luck!  


  • I didn't have an amnio or cvs but I loved my mfm at the Brigham.  I was delivered by Dr Economy she was voted best of Boston this year.  She was so great at keeping me calm when the crap hit the fan. 
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