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Potty Training

Getting out of the house...

We just started the potty training process Last Thursday with our three year old and he has been doing great, he hasn't been in a diaper since we started. He doesn't wear diapers for nap or bedtime, he refuses.. We are at the point where he has had two accident free days and poops and pees in the potty no problem. 

The problem?  He doesn't give us much of a heads up that he needs to use the potty, he goes straight to his potty chair and takes care of business then screams, "Ta da!", to announce that he is done.  Oh and he is afraid of the toilet when it comes to sitting on it, he excitedly will flush the contents in the toilet.  So the idea of leaving the house scares us. 


How do you go about going out this early on?  TIA


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  • I bought like rubber diaper covers.  I bought them at Target, a two pack of Gerber ones.  I but them directly over her underwear and then pants over that.  It worked for little accidents, but she did leak through a couple times.  I just brought extra pants and underwear with us when out.  DD was also afraid of public toilets.  I bought her a little travel one that folds up and I fit in a diaper bag or an oversized purse.  It worked for her.  She is starting to go on big potties now while we're out.  Here's the potty we got.

    Good luck!

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    I second the Potette Portable Potty.  It is the best when going out.  I have it in my car all the time, and bring it with us at the park, dance class, etc.  it is awesome. 
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  • Thank you ladies for the tips.  I am going to have to looking into that potty seat soon.  We have been out a few times and he has done really well about telling us he needs to use the potty, I guess he just feels so independent at home he only occasionally likes to tell us before the fact but always after the fact.  Thank you again. Big Smile
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