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Lowell OBGYN Recommondations

I just found out that I'm pregnant with baby #2!  The OB that delivered my son (who I loved) does not deliver anymore :(  Anyone have a recommondation?  I would prefer a single doctor practice, but those are near impossible to find!


Re: Lowell OBGYN Recommondations

  • She is not a single doctor practice, but I reccommend Dr Michelle Cochran. She's a family friend and she delivered my niece and nephew. I would have used her too, but I'm too far away. She is as nice a person as she is a good doctor.
  • Dr. Denise Mills out of Dracut Family Health Care.  She's a family practicioner, but also does obstetrics.  I haven't used her but 2 of my friends always rave about how wonderful she was for prenatal care, the delivery of their children, and love how she is the primary care doctor for their families too.                                     But if you are high risk or have any complications she will refer you to an OB.

    Good Luck!

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