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Pooping on the potty

I am just curious, how long after PTing did your kiddo become comfortable pooping on the potty? 

My son is 1 week in to potty training (we did the 3-day and he does really well with going pee) but pooping he either goes in his pants, or on the floor or starts going and then we realize it and bring him to the potty but he's not comfortable with it at all and it takes a lot of reassuring him and what not to convince him to poop in it. 

What was your experience?   I am dreading the day that he has less than solid bowel movements and he needs to go in public - eek! 

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Re: Pooping on the potty

  • I have no advice just sympathy. We're in the same boat.

    Totally Pee trained but he has YET to poop on the potty. It's been 3 weeks, so I'm not pushing it yet.

    Just reassuring him and reinforcing that Poop goes in the potty. We've also been offering Poop Prizes but they are just not incentive enough.

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    We were in the same boat (still are).  But we regressed a bit when she refused to poop all together, she just held it, for days.  We broke her of that, but she still doesn't like going on the potty.  So...that was not at all helpful, other than to be an advocate for not pushing the issue to much or they will refuse to poop all together.  GL!
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  • I really have no idea on how long it took.  We've had a lot of set backs with potty training, as we have been at it since January.  When my DS passed away, it was put on the back burner for 6 weeks, so realistically it's been since the end of Feb.  DD was doing so well, then we got all got the flu, so she was back in Pull Ups.  Before she got the flu, she was just starting to poop on the potty.  After a week in Pull Ups, it was like stating over with the poop part.  She would hold it or wait til we put a Pull Up on her overnight to go.  I'm guessing the last 3 weeks or so, she's been pooping on the potty, all on her own without our prompts.  That's not all that helpful, and I'm not sure how we worked through it.  It was like it just clicked with her one day.  Good luck, your LO will get this!  :)
  • I've read that boys can be a little more difficult to "poo train" than girls. It's a different muscle that they have to learn how to control whereas with girls when they control the peeing muscles, it also controls the pooing muscles.  Often boys will learn to pee in the potty first before pooping in the potty. (I know this sounds ridiculous, I wasn't sure how to word it)

    DS is pee trained, but we're still working on the poo part. It's hit and miss; sometimes he'll poo in the potty, other times it's too late. I'm sure he'll get it in time.

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