What is it with eating?! r/p w added info. — The Bump
3rd Trimester

What is it with eating?! r/p w added info.

R/P from botb..(adding that last night I went to L&D with contractions 3 mins apart. Had no change to cervix when I got there after contractions for hours. After two hours at the hospital I was fully effaced and dilated to 2. After stopping labor with terbutaline on Monday we decided to just do a shot of morphine and phenergan to try to relax my body and buy us some time.)

Last night my contractions intensified after I ate. I had to stop eating halfway into my meal because I was in pain. Tonight i'm about at the same point.

I am nervous as heck. My mom got here a little bit ago though so at least she's here. 

Is there any reason eating would trigger painful contractions or do you think it's just coincidence?
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