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Question on stain removing (probably stupid ?)

My husband bought a tub of OxiClean Free.  I see that you can make a solution for treating stains.  We have a big empty spray bottle and was thinking of making up a solution ahead of time and use it by spraying stains prior to going the hamper.  What do you think?  Will the solution sit well in a spray bottle for a period of time?  I'm probably overthinking this.

Re: Question on stain removing (probably stupid ?)

  • Only way to find out is to try.

    I've always just used shout or an already mixed solution. I don't know how the oxyclean mix would hold up for a period of time.  

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  • i have a bottle of oxyclean spray that we use that is awesome.  i got a new one today and it was $3.50 at the grocery store.  i would just buy a bottle and use the tub of powder for when you need it for a whole load or something. 
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