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Really..."ON" (maybe TMI)

So, I don't know if it is the pg hornones or the fact that I can't have what I want, or that I'm bored out of my mind...but I'm so h*rny right now!

The bad thing is, is DH is gone for almost a week.  He won't be back until Wednesday.  I haven't been this ON since getting pg.  We haven't DTD since I got pg either, because I've not been in the mood, sick, or paranoid.  Ugh! 

Has anyone else been suddenly ON?  I hope I'm not alone.

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Re: Really..."ON" (maybe TMI)

  • I never was off, we never really abstained, but I definitely noticed some weeks were worse than others, crazy hormones Devil
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  • And that is why God invented the pocket rocket!

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  • LOL that sucks that DH is gone.

    I had the same this pregnancy.DH loved it. With DD1 I didn't want him near me

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  • That sucks!!! I hope it stays until he gets there! I haven't gotten "it" back yet. I hope I do!
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  • Second tri makes me feel like a horny teenager! You are not alone.
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  • ksulliksulli member
    Me too. Have been since mid second tri. DH is around, but decidedly 'off'. I need some love!
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  • Had my first sex dream last night. DH is afraid I might puke on him. I may have to "force" the issue...
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