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"get ready" (shower/hair/makeup) before going to hospital?


Re: "get ready" (shower/hair/makeup) before going to hospital?

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    I have this silly image in my head that as soon as I'm done pushing I will whip my headband off, have amazing hair, waterproof mascara/eyeliner still on, & throw on some lip gloss! Haha! Even I am laughing at this thought because I know when it comes down to pain I won't care what I look like. I didn't when I had my DS, so why would I this time. LOL


    LOL, everyone else is against me!! The only thing I'm really dreading is if i need IV fluids being all swollen and puffy looking!

    You really have that naturally beautiful thing going for you though! If I had your complexion & amazing hair I wouldn't even care about makeup and curls!  

    I have to say I agree. You look like a natural beauty.


    Well thanks!  You ladies are sweet!


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  • I plan to shower and shave.  I'll dry my hair and pull it into a pony tail with maybe a little natural makeup. 

    I hope to make use of the jacuzzi tub in the delivery room, so if my hair is down and done, it will get ruined anyway. 

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  • LOL... makeup before childbirth is a bad idea. Just FYI. Would you put on makeup before running 5 miles? It'll be streaming down your face in the end. Your hair will be all mussed. The last thing in your mind after that marathon is whether or not you look "cute" in your pictures. You might have black eyes or red bloodshot eyes from pushing. Your face will probably be swollen. You might be fighting keeping awake or conscious to even see your LO. The best picture I have of me and my DD after birth, my face is profiled - you can see my nose and such, but not a straight-on look of my face. My least favorite picture is a day later and my face is incredibly swollen. Good times. Don't worry about the makeup. You can put on make up for pictures after childbirth. Nobody looks like a scene from a movie after childbirth... perfectly made up with silky or curly hair. Nope. They might look like a scene from a boxing movie...?
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  • With DD, my water broke--I called my husband and jumped in the shower.  I didn't wash my hair, but I wanted to clean up a bit since I was a bit of a mess, LOL.  I didn't really worry about makeup, and that would've been overkill for sure, but I was clean.  :)  But I agree w the pp who said that showering and 'getting ready' calms me down.  IDK if I'll have time for that this time, b/c I'll need to take care of DD and get her where she needs to be.
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  • Dirty lurker here. Smile

    I doubt I will do anything more than hop in the shower and throw my hair in a pony tail before we head out. Considering what L&D is about to bring the last thing I will be worried about is how my face looks.

    Besides, I just love "first family pics" where mom looks like she ran a marathon then got hit by a truck, but you can just see the love and pride beaming out of her. I can't wait to have one of my own, with all the bloat, bags, triple chins, sweat, and potential vomit included.

  • i think it sounds lame cause youre gonna get all sweaty and dirty anyways.... but i most definitely will be looking my best (if there is time)
  • Not a chance. The only thing I really want to make sure of is that my hair is washed and my pits are shaved, because it may be 36 hours or whatever before I get to do that again. Other than that, I plan to go natural, so I know I'll be a sweaty mess with my mascara running down my face, so I'd rather go bare so DH can wipe me down with a wash cloth and such.
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  • I say go for it. if you have nothing better to do and you want to busy yourself beforehand, why not? i will probably steer clear of blowdryer for simple fact that the heat already makes me want to pass out but everything else will probably get done just bring makeup wipes for after just in case.Smile
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  • this thread makes my head want to explode. 
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    I am not even close to delivery time, but I know for sure I will be because a hot shower and especially blow drying my hair relax me so I will definitely be getting ready. I may not put on a full face of makeup, but I shall be clean by golly even if I won't be very clean a few hours later.
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    this thread makes my head want to explode. 


    (Just lurking here.) Thank God it just wasn't me feeling this way; it must be my age and the fact that it wasn't a snap for us to get pregnant. 

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  • Coming out of lurkdom in a week to be a full timer on this board, but I was induced with DD and sent home to rest after putting that gel on my cervix to come back the next day at 8am for the full induction. By 8pm that same night I was literally crawling out of the bathtub on all four with the contractions never letting up for more than a couple of minutes at a time to get some decent clothes on (I didn't even bother with the bra) before rushing to the hospital. Makeup, hair and all were not on my mind - that time around. I'll put more effort into being prepared for the next delivery especially after getting inspired by you ladies looking so prim and pretty for the doc's, DH's and pp pics. Although, being through it once already, 'looking good' isn't quite the easiest after being pumped full of liquids and having my face swell twice my normal size after pushing for 6 hours...
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