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XP: Mucus in poop?

LO is EBF and 4 wks old and I just noticed this over the past few days. Its not green and I dont see blood. He is definitely gassy and fussy. He does spit up frequently. Most of what I found suggests a milk sensitivity? Is it possibly normal/a fluke? I will call the pedi but I have a feeling she will just suggest I cut out dairy and see if that helps. Thoughts/experiences? TIA/1ht
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Re: XP: Mucus in poop?

  • That is what happen with DS. And then they tested it and found blood that could not be found. He has a milk protein allergy.
    DS has acid relux and milk protein allergy, and had torticollis, used to EP, now we FF . April siggy 3-6 month
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