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C/S mamas--how big is your hospital bag?

Last time I only packed for a night---- not knowing I'd need a c/s.  This time I know what I'll want/need and am thinking I need a larger bag to fit those items in (going to try and change in to my own clothes and feel more human).  PLUS want room to pack the freebies they give ya in as well.

So curious about how large your hospital bag was and did DH have a separate one if he was staying as well??  Mine will also house a going home outfit and some toys for DS when he visits. 


Re: C/S mamas--how big is your hospital bag?

  • I took a shoulder bag and then a small carry on size suitcase on wheels. I will do the same again this time as well as pack a smaller bag to take stuff home in. I think my bag will be stuffed, I may need a bigger one but I think they will look at me like I am crazy if I roll in with a giant suitcase.I plan to bring 2 pajama sets, nursing bras, robe, flip flops that I don't care about, going home outfit for me, 2 baby outfits, toiletries and just some misc items like a water bottle, hair dryer, etc.

    DH is not staying this night this time, last time I just packed him a small duffel bag. 




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  • Medium sized Vera Bradley duffel bag. DH will pack his backpack.
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  • A small rolling suitcase.

    My hospital gives you a duffel bag to stash all the free goodies. :)

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  • Last time I took a carry-on sized bag and a large shoulder bag. My husband also had a backpack. This time will probably be the same although i haven't packed yet. Still have 2.5 weeks...I'm a procrastinator.
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  • image ABCmom123:
    Last time I took a carry-on sized bag and a large shoulder bag. My husband also had a backpack. This time will probably be the same although i haven't packed yet. Still have 2.5 weeks...I'm a procrastinator.

    Yeah, well I have a little more than 48 hrs--and I haven't packed yet either LOL.  But getting there. 

  • going much smaller this time around- maybe a duffle bag? dh isn't staying so that isn't an issue. something silly i packed last time turned out to be a godsend, at least to me.... i packed a razor and i was so happy i did b/c i HATE underarm hair. i felt so much better with it especially for my unexpected longer stay due to c-section!

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  • This isn't really helpful to your situation, but at our hospital tour last week we started talking about what to bring and the nurse giving the tour asked us to remember we would most likely be there three nights at most. She said this because a lady had recently brought ten suitcases to the hospital with her for a normal delivery! What on earth would you need ten suitcases for?????


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