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Just ordered my memorial locket

It's kind of bittersweet...happy to know that here are things like that out there, but sad to know that there is a need or desire for them.

I ordered a locket very similar to the one LaTi07 got from her mother...I ordered a different etching on the front, and I'm putting "Pimento Loaf" as an inscription on the inside of the top disc.  It's a strange thing to put, but that's what we were calling the baby.  

So, thanks LaTi07 for posting pictures of that locket...

Re: Just ordered my memorial locket

  • Warning, siggy pics ...

     Can you please post a photo and/or website?  I love that idea.

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  • That is a very beautiful idea, I bought myself a birthstone ring that has the stone for the month I m/c and the month I should have given birth. It was hard when it finally came in the mail and sometimes it's hard to look at but it's all I have to physically remind me of the baby I loved and lost.
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  • That is a sweet idea. It never occurred to me to have a piece of jewelry to commemorate my baby! Will you post the website please?
  • Hi Ladies.

    Click here to see the locket.

  • I love that locket, but I'm also biased since I have it. The final product is so beautiful, so I know you'll love it!

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  • This is a lovely way to remember your baby.  I also bought a necklace, but mine is from angelbracelets.  I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but I think I will like it. 
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