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NBR: refinishing furniture

I have a small dresser that we currently use just as a TV stand, but I'd love to use it in DD's room after I refinish it.  Only problem is that anything you keep in it ends up stinking like fiberboard or something similar to that smell.  It's an old dresser from back in the 70's, and I have no idea why it stinks so bad.  Anyone know of a way to get rid of the smell in the wood so it would be usable for clothing or linens?

Re: NBR: refinishing furniture

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    I would try using some cedar bricks or the like in it.  Cedar smells so good!  I don't know if it would absorb the odors and actually remove them, but you could keep the cedar in there just to allow you to use it.  That was just my first thought.
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    Maybe kids n' pets? Kids n pets is kind of amazing when it comes to dogs smells. I haven't needed it for the kids part, yet.
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