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cats and baby gates

We've started putting up our baby gates. They are usually open because Alex is only just starting to crawl, so it's not a huge issue. But both of our gates seem to drift closed, and I'm worried that our cats our going to get stuck in one part of the house.

We have 2 gates. 1 is near the stairs, which they can still jump over the banister. The other is in the kitchen. Anyone have cats and have any issues with gates, or found ones that work better?

I'm just worried that they won't be able to jump over the gates. A few of the cats are a little plump, and have difficulties jumping high.

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Re: cats and baby gates

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    Our cat can jump ours. She often jumps to the end table next to the gate and then over to the couch. Can you leave a step stool or something for them to get all the way over with the help there?
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    We have a fat cat and she has had no trouble jumping it.
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    Our cat can jump our low gate, but the others she can't figure out how to get over them since they're taller.  They have cat doors in them though (they're actually pet gates), so she goes through the door.  I was a bit nervous about getting the pet gates since they aren't actually for babies, but I was more worried about DD cornering the cat at a gate and something happening.  So far they've worked great.
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    Neither of our two cats have any issues with our gates.  We keep one at both the top and the bottom of the stairs, and one in our dining room and those cats leap them like hurdlers on a track team.

    We did have an older cat when Justin was smaller and we got a gate with a pet door in it.  It works very well, except Tyler likes to put toys through it  :)

    It's like this one, except we didn't get the extra tall one.  A normal one does the job.

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