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My Breast Friend

I just scored a my breast friend pillow on craigslist for $10 (and the gas money I spent going to get it). Well I was curious about what you guys would do to clean it up. I plan on washing the cover, but what about the actual pillow? What would you do with it? Nothing? Febreeze? Dryer?


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Re: My Breast Friend

  • Honestly... depends on what the house/person looked like that I bought it from and does it look/smell clean. If I had any doubts, I would put the cushion in the washer too on a gentle cycle.

    I have washed my boppy pillows with great success...I'm pretty daring with putting stuff in the washer, so I would try it! Maybe wash it with some dish clothes or small towels just to balance it out, but nothing too big that would get it tangled.

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  • You can buy a new cover for it but it will probably be about $20 so you will probably end up spending the same amount as a new one. Otherwise I would put in washer with warm water and some oxiclean.
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  • I'm super paranoid about bedbugs...  If you can put it in the dryer, then I definitely would!
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