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Call the OB? (TMI Warning)

This pregnancy has been a complete 180 from Owen's and there are some times that I am not quite sure what to do.  Lately, off and on, I feel like my ::ahem:: lady parts are swollen and extremely sore Embarrassed.  And I totally expect to go to the bathroom and find a leg hanging out of me, lol.  I also will get light pink spotting.  My guess is that it's just all the extra blood flow from pregnancy, but it's so random and it freaks me out, I can't even walk right.  I have no contractions, bleeding, swelling anywhere else, nothing - and she is kicking away and moving fine.  It's just this.  Worth a call to the OB, or forget it until next appointment unless something happens?

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  • I don't have spotting but I have the pain in my pubic bone (basically feels like the head is about to come out). I never had this with Jocelyn and it is SO painful. Last night I moved wrong in bed and I thought I was going to die. I guess I've heard it referred to as "lightning crotch" and that sounds about right. I went to a chiropractor and she said my pubic bone is off balance, she suggested putting ice on it (to help the pain/swelling) but that sounds even more uncomfortable.

    ETA: I just realized I didn't answer your question. I would for sure call the OB about the spotting and pressure. I assume the pressure/pain is normal, but spotting always makes me nervous.




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  • It's probably all very normal, but I usually call just in case.  That's why the doc's office gets paid the big bucks (IMO).  I'd call them during normal office hours if it were me.

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  • I'd call, just in case.  I doubt there's anything wrong, but I'd just feel better talking to someone.  IMO, if it's something you felt the need to ask us, then you should probably call.  My OB's first question at every visit is "have you had any bleeding or spotting".  So if I was, I wouldn't wait until my next appt to tell him. 

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  • I called the nurse, who asked the OB and they said it sounds completely normal.  It's not so much "spotting" as it is just a pink tinge when I wipe and she said it was most likely extra blood flow.  I feel better now that I am home and my feet are up.  Thanks!
  • Whew, glad that's all it was! Had I been on earlier, i would have told you to call, so glad you did

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  • I was VERY swollen with Naomi in my lady bits.  It hurt really bad and I couldn't get comfortable for anything.  I googled and it is completely normal and come to find out, lots of women get varicose veins down there as well.  I hate to say that it didn't get any better until after she was born.  But I did find a little relief in wearing skirts and dresses and not pants that would touch me there.  I hope you feel better soon!!
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