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Potty Training

opinions welcome..

So DS is great about telling us when he's peed his diaper. Around 17-18 months he started taking off diapers once they were wet. No, I don't let my kid run around in a soaking wet diaper.. We then started teaching the word "tee-tee", so he would know what he was doing. Lately he's been saying 'tee-tee', but having a dry diaper. I got super excited & went out and bought a potty for home and one for his great-grandmother [who is his day sitter]. She's been supportive of potentially starting potty training so it was great.

He still says his 'tee-tee' w/a dry diaper, but when he's put on the potty, he screams. I don't just mean scream, I mean the-evil-ax-murderer-is-chasing-me-bloody-cry scream. I immediately take him off the potty because I don't want him to be scared of potty training & potentially make it harder on us. We even tried buying a potty booster seat to put on the big toilet thinking he would be more comfortable on the potty that mommy & daddy use. Still screams..

I'm okay with him not being ready yet, I get every child is different. What gets me is now any time he says 'tee-tee' we offer going to the bathroom verbally & he just gets tacky. I'm scared we've ruined potty training. Anyone else's LO go through something similar & still have success? Thanks :)

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