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Anyone want to help me shop?

We are done with DD's big girl room, aside from a few non essential items.  Her room is a nice light blue-green.  Think Robin's egg with a hint of green in it.  We are doing a daisy theme very similar to PBK Daisy Garden theme.  Here is what I am looking for:

A bean bag chair that does not break the bank.  PBK is crazy $$$.  I am sooo not going there.  I saw this, and I like it a lot.   DH hates the price.  I shpped around, and I think it is decent for the product.  If you can find something similar with a lower pricetag, I will owe you a drink or something. 

Curtains.  What color?  I was thinking white with the daisy theme on it, but I can't find that.  I planned to put a light blocking panel on whatever I find, and have the means to do that.  I just don't want sheer curtains.  I can make curtains, but I haven't found the perfect fabric. Someone point me in the right direction!

I need a little white nightstand, and a rug with flowers or daisies on it... and not willing at all to pay PBK price for it.  Saw a cute one at Target, but I wonder if there are others I haven't found online. 

Wall art.  I have the flower wall decals that Shawnsweetie posted on FB.  They rock, but I bet my little imp will peel them off in a week.  So I want actual canvases or paintings.  I am willing to pay up to $30 each, and I can DIY these if I can find inspiration.   Anyone know of a good site to buy or inspire?



Girly is moving into her room tomorrow her crib.  We will convert the crib when we have to, but she is happy there for now.  I fully expect a tad bit of drama from her over being in a new room.  One thing at a time.  


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Re: Anyone want to help me shop?

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