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5K Saturday and a sore ankle

I am not sure exactly what happened or why, but my ankle hurts when I walk!!  It has been sore for almost 2 weeks now.  It is always worse after I run outdoors and I ran 5k this morning with the girls.  Hope it feels better tomorrow!

Re: 5K Saturday and a sore ankle

  • Have you tried putting a washcloth in some water with Epsom salt, and letting it sit on your ankle for about 20-30 minutes? You could also try a hot/cold therapy for a few minutes to try and get the muscle to relax.


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  • Hope your race goes well! Fast healing juju to you!
  • I finished in 32:40, not what I was hoping for.  I hadn't ran this course before and the hills kicked my @ss!

    Now I will focus on some yoga for this week and see how the ankle feels if I set out to complete a 10k in 6 weeks or scrap it.

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