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I'm thinking that Leo would love Jump Zone or something similar.  Do you think there is enough stuff there for toddlers to do?  Are there any other places you could recommend?  
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    My cousin had her daughter's 4th birthday party there in February and we took C.  There's really only 1 blow up thing there for toddlers which we pretty much had to shove C into because he wouldn't go in by himself.  If your DS is independent and can climb really good there are 2 more that he could probably do.  One is a Mickey Mouse inflatable which is pretty simple...just climb up the "steps" and slide down the slide.  There is another one that is for younger kids but it's pretty complicated and once he's in there you really can't see him. I was afraid C would get scared and want out and you really can't get in there with him.  And the thing with these 2 is that bigger kids get in them and pretty much trample over the little kids. We were there on a Saturday though so it was really busy. The only thing C really enjoyed was going down the really big inflatables with DH. 

    So if you are going during a not-so-busy day/time and your DS is independent enough and can climb well enough to go in those few by himself then I say go for it. It's a really fun place but I think we'll wait until C is a little older to go back.

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    DH and I took DS to Run, Jump, and Play in Mason during one of their morning sessions and there was only 3 other kids there.  I think it is pretty much hit or miss on when they are busy, but everytime we have gone to their morning openplay for the swings sessions they have never been extremely busy in the inflatables, like JumpZone gets. DH and I went on every inflatable with DS with no problems, and nobody running us over.  I just thought I would throw this info out there for you if you have the availability to go during the week in the morning.

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    Charlotte LOVES Jump Zone!!  She is just slightly older than your DS but we've been taking her there for months.  I don't know if it's because she has an older sister or if it's just because she's the adventurous type, but she has really never shown any fear about going on the inflatables and she plays on all of them, not just the one in the toddler area.  We're always watching to make sure she's not getting in the middle of a bunch of 9 year olds, and parents are allowed on the inflatables to help LO's as long as you aren't jumping around kids.
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