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before I got pregnant I was doing p90x everyday, lifting weights and walk/jogging for exercise. Is it still ok to do these things as long as i don't lift weights that are too heavy?? I am 5wks and 3days pregnant and im still worried about miscarriage because im so early, can this happen because of strenuous exercise??

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  • I also did P90x plus mountain biking, horseback riding and jogging. My OB told me that I can keep up my pre-pregnancy level of exercise (excluding mountain biking and horseback riding just due to the risks) as long as I feel up to it. just have to pay more attention to my body and if it says stop, then stop. He did say the 140 bpm for heart rate is somewhat dated info, and asked if I knew where my heartrate usually was. I said in a tough workout it can go upwards of 185 when I'm really pushing it. He did say that was high but to try to keep it where I can still talk and if my HR jumps just try to bring it back down so it doesn't stay high for extended periods.

  • I was told I could continue it, too.  I certainly plan to because I'm terrified of gaining as much weight as I did in my first pregnancy. 
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  • i did p90, biggest loser, jillian, all those workouts still do to a certain degree only what i can i i am perfectly healthy not much weight gain. as long as your dr says its ok you can do them! also i did them every day at 7 weeks is when i found out i was preg.  and had no complications!
  • you can do everything you were doing before, like everyone else said, just make sure you are replacing your water loss and listen to your body above all else.  at the 2nd tri, you need to begin avoiding exercises on your back(use a incline bench or stability ball to modify).  it is also wise to eliminate contact sports in which the potential for a hit to the stomach exists or a fall onto the stomach.  and always make sure you replace the calories you burn on top of your 200-300 extra per day.  that is fuek for the baby and yourself.  and water water water!
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