hip! hip! hip! hip! hip! hip! — The Bump
Upstate NY Babies

hip! hip! hip! hip! hip! hip!

yes!!! the Tragically Hip are playing Buffalo this summer!! woo-hoo!

and i just bought my presale tickets (as Music at Work plays on my computer! lol)

so freakin' excited!!!!!


i saw that they were playing Bobcageon (those who know them know that that is the title of one of their great songs) and they are playing the Sarnia Bayfest (over by Detroit) with the Tea Party (my other favorite favorite band that is getting back together this summer) and i was bummed that i most likely would not make either of those shows (just a little too old now with too many responsibilities to be trapsin around after a band) but at lease i got half lucky and the Hip will be in the B-lo!! yay!


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