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1st 5K on Sat?

Getting nervous....I ran the course with my friend a last week...it was okay except a slight hill towards the end.  What should I plan on eating that morning?

Re: 1st 5K on Sat?

  • I usually eat a pretty light breakfast - cereal and a banana. Good luck!!

  • I'm typically a morning runner but just ran on the treadmill while DD was napping...so whenever I can fit it in.  Thanks for the suggestions....I was thinking of plain oatmeal with berries and possibly egg whites!

  • I don't usually eat before I run.  If you don't either, then I wouldn't try something before your 5k.  Maybe have a banana or protein bar before your next training run and see how you feel?
  • If iam at work I run on a full stomach because I have to do it before my lunch hour ends. I usually eat a whole wheat sandwich with turkey, and fat free cheese.

    On the weekends I run in the morning, and I usually have a granola bar, and a protein shake before I head out.


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  • Eat what you normally eat.  Not anything new or way more or way less.


    Youll do fine!

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  • Like PP said, go with what's normal for you, and you'll be fine.  That includes drinking coffee, if it's part of your normal morning.  Drink plenty of fluids the day before and day of the race. 

    Good luck on your first 5K, and congrats in advance!  You're gonna be hooked!  Smile

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