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Postpartum Depression

XP: PPD or hormonal?

I have had my history with depression/anxiety so I have gotten very aware of when I start to feel blue so I have been paying close attention to how I am feeling and MH has been watching how I act.

I have noticed that for the past two weeks I have super teary, like washing bottles and I randomly start to tear up. I am able to pull everything back in sometimes and it doesn't happen multiple times throughout the day or anything. I am not sure if I am going through a hormonal change or what because I don't feel down or blue so I am a bit confused. I am not having any negative thoughts in regards to mothering or my son. I also do not think I feel sad.

Does anyone have any experience with PPD? Obviously this isn't something to take lightly and I should talk to my OB but she doesn't have anything open for two weeks.
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Re: XP: PPD or hormonal?

  • Sounds like PPD to me. Maybe you should contact your primary care physician and he/she can prescribe some meds.
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  • I had some times where I felt sad and other times I felt totally angry. I talked w/ my doctor and she said it was most likely because I was getting ready to have my first period since the birth. She did said that if my mood swings didn't start to improve to call right away.
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  • My DO was born April 2010.  In the beginning I felt mood swings, and then they got stronger.  The mood swings went from being just moments of being sad, like "tearing up" for no reason at all, to being just fine.  My mom advised me to tell my GYN immediately.  After 3 weeks, I did, and my GYN put me on antidepressants.  My emmotions continued to grow more uncontrollable and I became very upset about more things, almost on every aspect of my life.  I began to hate my job, my new home, bills; I was very overwhelmed at the idea of being a working mother.  I must have cried my eyes out to my husband almost every other night. 

    Around October, 6 months after DO was born, my thoughts became very upseting.  I was beginning to have thoughts of suicide.  At the time, I was a police officer, and I carried a gun.  My thoughts of suicide became very specific, although I did not have an urge to carry them out, the thoughts were still there.  I was very lucky, though.  My husband and I had recently moved in with my parents, and I am very close with my mom.  I told her about my feelings right away, and she had me call my GYN.  My GYN called in a higher dose of the medication I was taking in to my pharmacy.  LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY, after taking the higher dose, I felt like I was back to my normal, pre-pregnancy self.  My head felt clear, I felt no guilt, no sorrow, no confusion, and absolutely no thoughts of suicide.  It was like someone cleared all of my dark clouds away in an instant.  I instantly began to enjoy my daughter, not just provide care for her.  She is now the most wonderful thing in my life, next to my husband.  I love every moment with her and that attachment that I initially felt guilty for not having is in full effect, if not in over drive.  Almost 12 months to the day, I still take my medication.  If I miss a day, I notice, because I begin to get cranky and easily irritated.  I asked my GYN how long I'll have to take the meds.  She said some women take them for a few months, to a few years.  She stated that she has also seen some women take them for the rest of their lives. 

    But the bottom line is, that every time I began to have problems, ie thoughts of desperation or suicide, I immediately seeked helpOnly a health care professional can diagnose PPD.  I urge every woman to seek out professional care, no matter how doubtful you may be.  At the very least, it will ease your mind to know.

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