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Experienced BOB moms... a ?

Logan is 8 weeks old. I am eager to run with him, but I am trying to decide what the best option is. I am well aware that BOB advises not running with a baby until they have good head control, and suggests starting at 6 mo. I also know that BOB says you shouldn't run with an infant seat attached.... so, what have you done with your younger than 6 mo old baby?

My options are:

1. Leave Logan with dad for runs until he is 6mo old.

2. Run with carseat attached (I have the 2011 BOB and the right car seat adapter)

3. Run with Logan in the regular part of the BOB with a newborn instert, which seems really secure. We just took a walk like this and hit some bumps and his head didn't really move around much. I have this in it currently: http://tinyurl.com/3qsnecw

What have you done? I just want to make sure he will be safe, but I also want to run with him sooner than August. Thoughts?

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Re: Experienced BOB moms... a ?

  • I started running with my DS when he was 3 weeks of age in his infant carseat in my BOB stroller.  I ran on a flat paved trail (no curbs etc) and felt it was fine.  With my first child I didn't have the infant seat adaptor and started running with her in the stroller at 4 months, same flat trail.  
  • I started running with DD2 at 6 weeks with her in the infant seat.  I put her in the stroller seat for a walk last week, but I won't be running with her in the seat until she's 6 months+.  I like the support/cushioning that the car seat provides.
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  • I started running with Sarah on flat paved streets at 4 weeks, with the infant seat and adaptor. We actually have this infant insert that you linked and used it in the infant seat when she was a newborn, and it would not have been safe to use just that in the BOB without the car seat adaptor.
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  • I put LO in the BOB for runs at 4 months. I used the car seat adapter. It was a bit "top heavy" so I was careful of curbs and avoided bumps.

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