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Is BOB worth it?

I'm a mediocre runner (not TOO serious) and will average about 15-20 miles a week (it's just finally warming up here in Minnesota, sad I know!). 

With that info, is a BOB revolution worth it for a jogging stroller? Someone is selling a used for $280 which is a great deal, but still a lot of money for a stroller. Is it worth it, or would a cheaper option be ok? Tell me about your experience! 

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Re: Is BOB worth it?

  • My SIL has one and swears by it!!  She got hers for $400+ so I am thinking that is a great deal!!  I am even puttin gone on my registry she has gushed about it so much!! :)



  • I'm not the runner you sound like, but we bought a new BOB with our first son 2+ years ago- and couldn't be happier. We literally use the BOB everyday- and it's in great shape for baby #2. I take the BOB out for a run a couple of times a week and lock the front wheel; I've been very happy with my experience. The BOB is a full size stroller, but with the fully rotating third wheel in the front, you are able to make tight turns in crowded areas that many small four wheel strollers cannot. Not to mention the ride is very comfortable for our son... Good Luck!
  • I just ran for the first time with our new BOB and absolutely love it! It was definitely worth the money!

  • I don't even run and I think it's worth it. It's awesome on bumpy roads, etc, because of the great cushy wheels and LO always falls asleep and stays asleep in it because it's such a smooth ride. It's super easy to maneuver and folds up easily. I can literally pop it open with one hand.

    Love it!

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