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When to stop using Pack N Play

At what age did you stop using or will stop using your Pack N Play with lo's?

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Re: When to stop using Pack N Play

  • DS#1 we stopped around 18 months when he could crawl out of it.  I think with DS#2 we're not going to use it anymore.  I put him down to sleep in it over the weekend and he hated it, and cried because he smooshed himself into the side (he's mostly been sleeping in DS#1's big bed, lol!)
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  • I stopped with DD when she was 2 exactly.  She started taking it apart.  DS still uses it.  It is/was their only bed.  For travel after that, I got the regalo travel cot from Walmart.  It is great and super easy to set up.
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  • With DS#1 it was right after he turned one we stopped using it as a playpen.  Mainly because he could walk at 10mths old and was not liking staying in there.  We only used it when we would travel as a bed for him.  Then at 1.5, he couldn't use it for that anymore cause he was to longer for it.

    DS#2 we used it also up to his first birthday because of him walking early.  He also used it for sleeping on travels up to around 1.5- 2yrs old.  

    We got a new one with DC#3 because the first had seen better days.   

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  • I have probably only used it a handful of times if she was needing a nap at her grandparent's house. 

    DD#1 is 3! And LO#2 is on his/her way! Due Feb 26th, 2014.


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  • DD still uses it to sleep in when we travel. But she stopped playing in it around 10 months when she started to walk.  She got very angry if we put her in there.
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  • We used it until DD was 30 months old, mostly just for trips, but sometimes she wanted to play in there (we had it set up in a corner of our bedroom).  I finally put it away when she grew longer than 36 inches and couldn't lie down straight any more.
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  • We stopped using it routinely when DD could sleep throught the night around 6 months and we started having her sleep in her own room (she slept in the pack-n-play in our bedroom before then).  After that we used it for a travel crib until she became physically too long to comfortably fit in it at about 2-1/2 years.  We never used it as a play pen; we had a super yard in our living room instead which worked until DD learned to walk.


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  • We used ours as a bed for Emily when traveling until she was 2 1/2 years old. At that point she was too tall/long to sleep in it comfortably.  Thankfully, my mom bought a crib to keep at her house (where we stay every summer and Christmas) so Emily would have somewhere to sleep (she was still in a crib here at home). 

    We haven't traveled anywhere overnight with Emily other than summer and Christmas... I'm not sure where she would've slept after she outgrew the pack 'n play.  A rented crib at hotels, maybe?!?  Hmmm... anyway, got sidetracked.  :)

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  • We hardly use ours I think LO has been in it about 3 times in 8 1/2 months. I am hoping we get some use out of it outdoors this summer. With LO on the verge of walking on her own I can forsee needing somewhere safe to put her when I have to get something done and can't keep an eye on her.
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