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how do you prep for depolyment

Hi Ladies I come seeking advice. How can I help my FI prep for deployment when he has only been give a week notice? He is excited as he has been wanting to deploy since he joined but now that he has a date and it was so short notice what can I do to insure him that his daughter will not forget him( that is what he really is worried about).
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Re: how do you prep for depolyment

  • Let him know you'll email him pictures and videos on a regular basis.  A friend of ours recorded an "I love you" message in a Build-a-Bear for his son.  Look into setting up Skype once he gets settled that way your DD can see him while he's talking to her.
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  • 1) Go to Hallmark [i think it was hallmark] and buy a book he can record himself reading and let your daughter hear the book at night.  This way she can remember his voice.

    2) Set up a MOTOMAIL account.  You will need his address in order to setup your account.  You can attach pictures to the letters now and they reach our troops quickly.

    3) Put a picture up in your daughter's crib {possible on her mobile} so she can always see his face.

    4) Skype with him, if at all possible.  [My hubby cannor Skype but calls once a week]

    My hubby is deployed right now, our daughter is 5, she is learning to write so I have her write a little letter each week and we are making a book for him.  Also we built a paper chain to count down the days till he comes home.  She looks forward to taking off a paper link each night before bed.

    Deployments are hard on both parents and kids.  Keep positive and communicate well because it is important for him.  Remember that small little things your daughter might do that are "everyday things" to you are big things to him since he cannot see her.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!!


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  • I'm so sorry that you got so little notice! My DH is leaving in the next couple days and he's been struggling with leaving DS. We made DS a build a bear and had DH leave a recorded message in it.

    Check out my blog if you want anymore info about me going through the preperation for deployment.

  • Thank you ladies so much for the wonderful ideas! I have no clue what MOTOMAIL is so I will be looking into that thank you!
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