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Where are you going to keep your stroller?

Our stroller is parked in a corner of the nursery right now but it needs to find a better home. The nursery is only about 8x8 feet and it seems like a silly spot for it anyway. We have a bungalow with about 5 steps to the front porch, so it's probably better to keep it outside (it's a small bungalow from the '50's so there's no room for a stroller in the little front closet and there's no back closet, just a small landing big enough for the door to open).

Trying to decide if I should permanently keep it in my trunk (don't think it's the best as I plan on walking to a nearby park a lot more than I would be driving and using it elsewhere) or in our garage (it's at ground level).  Our garage is a one-car detached and more of a workshop. I'm worried if I keep in in there it will get dirty/grimy (DH's brother uses our garage sometimes in the summer and I can picture him getting oil on it or something). Maybe I can keep the rain-cover over it when it's being stored?

Where is everyone else keeping their stroller?

Re: Where are you going to keep your stroller?

  • When K was tiny and we only had 1 stroller, we kept it in the back of my car for the most part. 

    You can get heavy-duty hooks or bars at Home Depot if you wanted to keep it in the garage and up off the ground. Just toss a towel or blanket on top and you'll be good to go.

    BTW-no matter what you do to keep them clean, strollers get filthy. Just be vigilant with good multipurpose cleaner on the hard parts and figure out the best way to undo the soft pieces to wash & dry them. You'll do that many, many times! 

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  • We're having this same issue...only now with 3 strollers that all still have their own times of usage {umbrella, jogging & now double...blehck!}. I'm keeping the double in the car since it's the largest of the 3 & my car stays fairly clean/junk-free. The jogging will stay in the garage though {DH uses it maybe twice a week and mostly around the neighborhood} and the umbrella is small enough to go in a storage closet, although right now it's also in the garage.

    Really I wouldn't see a problem with you storing it in the trunk since you'd likely want to have your keys with you anyway while you're out on your walk. But for me, the garage space would be an obvious choice and the rain cover should protect it well too for when the workshop is in use=)

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  • We have the umbrella in storage (from DD) in a storage room off our garage. The new City Mini is in the back of my car and our Chariot bike trailer/jogging stroller is in storage as well.
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  • Ours is in our trunk or in the garage....they get so dirty!
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  • We plan on keeping ours in our kitchen by the back door (the way out to our cars). It's not really in the way and I'm hoping it will stay relatively clean there
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  • I have no idea! I was hoping for some advice here but I don't have any closets, no garage and no car. I guess I will just have to figure something out or hope for more people to respond.
  • I really hadn't thought about it yet (like so many things...) but we have a huge screened front porch so I expect it will live there.
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  • We have the umbrella one hanging in the front hall closet and the jogger in the garage.
  • Right now it is in the entryway, off to the side. I plan on putting it in the car soon, but not quite yet.

    I don't want to use our garage as a storage for it because I don't want creepy crawlies getting in it.

  • We're in a small apartment right now and closets are STUFFED with our extra furniture from our house and we have no garage, so we're keeping ours in the back of our vehicle for now. Once a garage is an option, we may do that instead. Or if we had more closet space, we might store it indoors. Gotta go with where there's room right now, though! 

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  • Garage or trunk, I'm guessing. Or in the backyard under the covered patio. It's just a snap-n-go for now, so I'm not worried about it getting dirty, and our garage is clean enough and free of vermin.
  • in the back of my vehicle, and when not there in the garage.
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  • For now they are both in the garage.  When I start using them, I'll probably store the snap in go in the trunk of my car, and the jogger will stay in the garage between uses. 
  • Since I have to drive anywhere I want to use itSad, the trunk of my car.  We can just switch to DH's car if we're taking that. 
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  • We keep the jogger in my car trunk, and each car has an umbrella stroller in the back seat floorboard.  If we are going out for exercise, we have to walk by the car, and when I leave the house, I don't have to worry about loading it up with along with 2 kids! 
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  • Trunk of my car.
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  • In the trunk. I like having it available when I do take the car somewhere and it's easy enough to get it out of the car if we are going for a walk.
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  • the back of my CRV but right now it's in the closet
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    I have no idea! I was hoping for some advice here but I don't have any closets, no garage and no car. I guess I will just have to figure something out or hope for more people to respond.

    When I visiting my best friend in Berlin I thought it was weird that there were strollers locked to hall stairs in her building and fences outside, but I guess that makes sense now that I think about it.  Do you have a porch or anything?  If I had to find a place to put a stroller at her apartment I'd be lost.  Good luck!

    At the moment ours in this weird closet/under the stairs area we have in the kitchen/hallway.  I think it'll probably live there- we're in a urbanish setting and I can walk around here a lot.  It's a weird closet, one of the only storage spots in our house (built in 1911- so I don't think they looked at storage the same), but I'm glad it's coming in handy for something.

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  • in the coat closet by our front door.
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  • Ours lived in the carport last year, and got really dirty due to the neighbour's construction.  I'll probably keep it in there again (locked with the bikes) but this time with a cover.  We have the same problems with space and have 9 steps up to the front door because we're on a fairly sloped lot.
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  • I was planning on keeping mine by my front door. It takes up most of the car, so we don't want to keep it in there and I plan on going on lots of walks around the neighborhood, so I don't want to have to pull it in and out of the car every day. We also don't want bugs to get all over it in the garage, so the front door seems like the best spot.
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  • I think it's going to stay in the back of my Land Rover. I have a feeling I will be using it a lot and that seems like a practical place.
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