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Rec your watch for running...

Saw the post below....I'm looking to get a watch with heart rate and monitors your distance....I'm a beginner runner and needs some rec.

Re: Rec your watch for running...

  • I use a garmin and I love it.  It even allows me to upload my data onto the computer so I can track my stats.  It keeps track of my pace, my distance, heart rate, and a bunch of ther stuff.  I bought it when I started training for a half marathon!
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  • Love the garmin 405!!! It just rocks. I can race against myself or just do whatever. You can use it for running and bike riding!!
  • Garmin is awesome but so expensive. If your a beginner I love my Timex Ironman Triathlon. It doesn't calculate distance but you can always use
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  • Another Garmin fan :) I've got the forerunner 110.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the 405 has but it suits what I needed and wasn't as expensive.  It does pace, distance, heartrate, and time and you can upload all the info and keep track of your progress.  Plus the 110 comes in a women's model- so it looks a little cuter, not a necessary feature but one that made me happy!
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