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Bloated but still losing weight?

Since finding out I was pg, I've lost 6 lbs. I've been eating regularly, although smaller portions and healthier foods (except for the jellybeans I had today, but it's Easter right?). And I haven't really had any m/s, just a little bit of nausea off and on during the day. Even though I've lost 6 lbs, I still feel super bloated and my pants are snug. Anyone else have this problem? If I'm gonna lose weight, I'd like to feel skinny! :)
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Re: Bloated but still losing weight?

  • yah i feel the same way. kinda weird. i have lost about 5 pounds because of loss of appetite and morning sickness and stuff. but i feel my jeans feel uncomfortable (still fit) and my boobs feel HUGE. haha. i was wondering today about how that works -- maybe just gaining in some places and loosing weight in other places.
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  • I lost 7 lbs with my first preg in my first trimester.  It happens.  As long as you are eating well and eating when you are hungry, then things will be okay.  Keep taking your PNV
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  • I lost about 8 pounds in the first trimester with my first and didn't start gaining it back till well into my second trimester. This pregnancy I am down 5 pounds already too. It's pretty common. Most of your weight won't start to add up until the third trimester. When I am pregnant, whether it is in the first or third trimester, I never feel skinny. It's nice when you actually have a noticeable bump though and no longer just look fat and bloated. That's my least favorite part.
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  • I wish I had this issue!! I think I gained before each pregnancy :o
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  • I am 11 weeks pregnant - completely bloated but I have still managed to lose about 16 pounds so far because of MS & nausea.  My doctor doesn't seem to be worried but it seems like a lot to me?
  • I have this, it's worth it though :)
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