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overweight and pregnant

With my two children I was at a "normal" weight (probably could have been a few pounds lighter) but this one I have a BMI of 30 :( I've been out of work for over a year and my activity level is pretty much nothing :( I'm worried that all I've been reading, about Gest. Diab. and the greater risk it puts on the baby, will become true. I have suffered several miscarriages and dont' want to put any more risk on this baby but I don't want to be a couch potato either. I'm also suffering from horrible nausea and have been eating more to combat it. I realize that the increased calories is also not good, but I'm feeling stuck! Any suggestions? I really want to know if it's safe for me to not gain any weight during this pregnancy and what kind of diet and exercise I can do!
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Re: overweight and pregnant

  • Well you should talk to your doctor.  You will gain weight its unavoidable.

    That being said I was overweight with my pregnancy with my ds due to building our home (I'm normally very active & fit).  We now have an oops pregnancy and I am in the same boat.  My son is 3 months adjusted age.  

    I had horrible nausea so I ate 5-6 small meals a day.  It helped my nausea and I didn't gain a bunch of weight.  I gained what I needed.  This is no time to be dieting.  Talk to your doctor about the exercise.  You need to do whats best for the baby right now.  You won't be pregnant forever. 


  • Thank you! I have an appt for 3 weeks from now. I just got freaked when I kept seeing all the "warning signs". The internet can be a very strange place! Good luck with yours!!
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  • Thanks.  You too!
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