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Where did you register?

Hello! I am about to register and I am wondering where you registered and why? Which places should I avoid? What's your experience with the return policy for certain places? Thanks for your advice!!!

Re: Where did you register?

  • We have family all over the country, so we registered on and used the universal registry button.
  • I registered at Babies R Us due to the large selection. They are not the cheapest but I liked finding most everything in 1 place. I also did a very small registry on Many people go with Target also since there are so many around.
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  • BRU, but Amazon is another good option.  i've heard horror stories about Target and returns so we stayed clear of them.  BRU will let you return anything up to 90 days if it' on your registry, plus they give you a completion coupon to get all the stuff you need but didn't receive at your shower.  

  • I am using and so is a friend of mine. We like that you can register at multiple stores by using it. The only downside is you don't get the discount on items not purchased that you would if you register at BRU for example.
  • BRU. They have a good selection and we have families in NY and MA. We didn't do target because of their return policy. is probably a good choice since they are usually cheaper than BRU, but we didn't have a lot of internet shoppers in the family and I was worried about returns so I didn't register there. The stuff we wanted from PBK (about 5 things), we just bought ourselves instead of doing a registry for 5 items. 
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