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Pros/Cons on hospitals

I don't have an OB and am trying to pick one based on which hospital they are affiliated with. That said, I'm totally clueless on the pros and cons of the hospitals in and around Boston. I live on the North Shore and work in Watertown. I would want a regular hospital setting vs a birthing center. Anyone already done their research?
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Re: Pros/Cons on hospitals

  • I would pick someplace close to home.  traffic, snow etc.. would make me want to stay close by, just in case you have super fast labor.  I had my son at Beverly Hospital and did some research on them vs. Salem.  i've heard some not so great stories about the birthing experience at Salem.  I loved BH and will be going back in about 5-6m for #2.  they had awesome nurses, free wi-fi, great food (plus there is now a send off night where you and YH get a fancy dinner w/ ALCOHOL if you'd like before you leave).  

    I see the Drs at Essex County OBGYN, which is literally across the way from the hospital.   


  • Thank you so much! Very helpful!
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  • Brigham & Women's is the premier hospital for birthing in the city, maybe the world. I was born there and my parents were so upset I wasn't going there. If you have any high risk factors, I'd highly recommend them.

    Personally I think all the Partner's Hospitals are good. I've been seeing the midwife group at MGH, a friend is seeing their OB group and we are both happy.  I only hear good things about Newton-Wellesley.  I am not familiar with Beverly Hospital's L&D in particular, but I did some work consulting for the hospital and they're quite good as an institution.

    I also know people going to Mt Auburn in Cambridge who are happy there. 

    I agree with PP about finding someplace close to you. I chose MGH in large part because it is 10 min taxi ride, 20 min by T from my house. Since appts are so frequent, it is nice to not have to waste time commuting.


  • I have experience with both Newton Wellesley and Brigham and Women. 

    All of my doctors are at NW and I have nothing but good things to say about my whole experience.  I was hospitalized a few times during my pregnancy and I was always given wonderful care.  I actually almost had to miss my baby shower because I was in the hospital, and I was told that I could have the whole thing in my room if people could come.  Another time I was labelled a priority by the nurses because even though I wasn't in labor, I was pretty sick with pancreatitis.  They really did their best to make sure I was comfortable and at ease.

    That aforementioned time when I was diagnosed with pancreatitis, I was transferred to BW.  It is obviously a bigger hospital, and I had to be put under and potentially deliver.  Pancreatitis is unusual during pregnancy and my blood levels were through the roof.  I was given wonderful care there, but in l&d I felt like I was only a number, although that changed once I got upstairs to antenatal.  I never felt like that at NW. My doctor at NW previously practiced at BW, and she agreed with my sentiments exactly.

    I would pick NW every time, plus I'd be confident that if a situation did arise that was potentially dangerous or needed more than NW could comfortably give, they would send me without hesitation into Boston. 

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  • Thanks everyone!
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