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3rd Trimester

How much did you spend on maternity clothes?

I'm trying to get a gauge on whether I've spent too much on maternity clothes already and should try to make what I've purchased work for the next 3 months or if I'm ahead of the game and doing quite well. I'm especially interested in those who are 2+ mommies or are closer to term so I can get the most accurate picture of how much I have spent or will spend but all replies and insights are welcome!! :)  TIA!

Re: How much did you spend on maternity clothes?

  • Probably between $600-700 in total.  But I really had to start from scratch (ie had no one to give me any) and that's Canadian dollars.  I was also a bit limited to a couple of stores and they were more on the expensive side.  
  • About $20-30 total. I shopped at the thrift store. That bought me 4 pair of jeans and 1 pair of black pants. Couldn't see spending $30/40 a pair at Motherhood Maternity for something I'd wear only a few months. Still able to wear most my regular shirts.
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  • I think I spent $350 - $400 on maternity clothes, not including bras which I seem to grow out of way too fast. I only bought items on sale or when I had discount codes to stores. I am also lucky that my office allows us to wear jeans to work because I would have spent a lot more if I had to wear normal office attire.
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  • I've probably spent about $600 or so. This has been over several trips as my belly has grown. I'd like to buy a few more things, especially now that things are starting to get tight. I'm trying to hold out though!

  • Around $250 for jeans, a casual pair of black pants for weekends, 2 pairs of work pants, 4 tops, and a maternity cocktail dress.
  • I think I spent about $300 total, including one fairly expensive new bra. 
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  • Probably about $150.  I received a ton of loaned clothing from co-workers and friends, and my MIL gave me a very generous gift card, so I hardly had to spend any of my own money.  And as I've been on bedrest for six weeks and will be until I deliver, I don't really care very much about what I'm wearing anyway.b
  • I spent around $450-$550. I had to start from scratch (no preggo friends or family members). I should honestly probably spend more b/c my chest has grown and grown (3+ sizes already!) but I'm trying to hold out until my milk comes in.
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  • Oh yeah with DD I spent $450+ and saved all the clothes, so this time around I am using those clothes. 
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  • For both pregnancies, 100 bucks - all of that spent this time.  I needed a bigger bra for this pregnancy and I also bought a maternity winter coat (on sale, with a coupon from Kohls)

    I received several gifts from my mom, MIL, and SIL.  More importantly, I have many friends who have had/are having babies and we all just pass around our maternity clothes.  Everyone was really excited I bought the coat b/c they know they'll get it eventually, haha!!

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  • About $250.

    Lots of used stuff (off kijiji), some off eBay, a bit new. No hand-me-downs.

  • About $600 CAD and I was also limited to more expensive stores (Motherhood Maternity and Thyme Maternity were the only stores I can even get to and they are an hour away- I didn't want to buy online because I was unsure of sizing).

    I bought 4 pairs of pants (the jeans have worn out in the inner thigh I wore them so much) and a bunch of shirts. My chest grew a lot and I also found a lot of my non-maternity shirts were not long enough and left the panel showing- which I disliked.

    I am 100% done spending on mat. clothes though because there's no way I'm driving an hour to shop right now. 

  • This pregnancy I've spent $20 on clothes (short sleeve shirts and a pair of capri's that I found at a consignment store) and maybe $100 on sleep bra's and a nursing pajama set (top, pants and robe). 

    My first pregnancy I worked so I probably spent around $400ish, I bought all of my clothes from Motherhood or Target. 




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  • I just use a pony tail holder to extend the space on my jeans and I bought 3 long and lean tank tops. So maybe $20. I would cry if I had to spend much more than that.
  • I would say around $500 ($700 once you include nursing tanks and bras). I ended up having to buy another pair of work pants because my thighs really expanded in the final two months.
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  • Probably around $200.  I used coupons at Kohls, had some stuff given to me by a friend, my MIL bought me some shorts, and most of my tops came from Ross ($5 a piece!).
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  • if you need the clothes, get them. people's spending is going to be based off of hand-me-downs and how much they make, not necessity and other's prices.

    This is my second pregnancy and i probably spent about $200 just because I'm "off-season". I'm at my biggest now and need summer dresses (long ones) because all my big clothes are long sleeves and corduroy. I needed larger summer things.

    When I had 6 weeks left I spent another $50 on a shirt and a dress. 

  • Around $200 over the course of 2 pregnancies in different seasons.  During the first one I was working a regular job so I bought a few staples new but on sale.  Everything else was used.  This time I'm a student, so I don't have to look as professional.  Everything I've purchased this time around has been used.  I didn't get any hand-me-downs, but I did get a few gifts that helped supplement the wardrobe.
  • with my 1st pregnancy i probably spent about $750.  i did get a lot of stuff that was hand me downs, etc but i wanted my own stuff too.  plus over time things get too used looking for me.  i like options!

    then with this pregnancy, my 2nd, i've probably spent about $150 total.  i bought a few shirts and dresses because i didn't realize how many stains some of my shirts had on them from my 1st pregnancy.  lol!  the belly acts as a shelf at the end and its hard not to get your shirts dirty. 

  • My coworker loaned me a lot of clothing for both last pregnancy and this one so I haven't had to buy much.  I bought a couple of tops, pants and a bathing suit last pg and I think I probably spent $100 or less.  I haven't had to buy anything this time around.





  • I had a lot of work style clothes passed on to me, so I only needed a few pair of slacks and a few button ups.  Other than that I bought 3 pair of maternity jeans (my sister gifted me 2 as well) and some fun tee's, a coat, a dress for my hubby's upcoming graduation, a couple sweaters, 4 maternity tanks, 3 bras, and then just some "fun" pieces on clearance.  probably spent around $400-$500
  • Around $900, that includes 2 pairs of "designer" jeans, 3 work pants, 3 dresses, 1 pair of cords, 1 pair of yoga pants, 1 pair of capri pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 new bras and a bunch of tops (~12).




  • 200 dollars... Just for tops really  and a pair of jeans... I had some stuff from my SIl but since the seasons I needed sweaters and long sleeve shirts..... Nothing new since Jan
  • $425 in total, with one pair of gifted capri pants. Doesn't include the new underpants from Kohls :)
  • I haven't really kept track, but I think I've spent more than what most women posted in this thread.

    I bought 2 pairs of jeans, 7 dresses, valor sweat suit, yoga pants, 3 pairs of pajamas (not maternity, but baby doll style), 3 bras, leggings, jeggings, 4 or so pairs of tights, 2 belly bands, 7 tank tops, countless number of shirts (I really have NO idea) a winter coat, and slip on sneakers.

    This was on top of getting a huge box of maternity clothes from a friend of mine that covered all of my work pants plus several shirts, sweaters, yoga pants and casual wear. 

     DAYUM! I guess I have been shopping too much!   I figured that I planned to get pregnant twice more, so I might as well buy a bunch of stuff this time around.

  • With DD  I probally spent about $300 and this time around  I spent about $250 but I bought 4 pairs of jeans and 1 capris and then a whole bunch of tank tops and shirts. ( not maternity) just a little bigger and they have lasted me this whole time.
  • I spent about 200 dollars on this pregnancy and about 200 dollars on the last pregnancy.  I also have gotten a lot of hand me downs from friends.  This includes bras, nursing tanks, and shoes (I had to go up 2 shoes sizes last pregnancy).

    I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy as much for my 2nd pregnancy but I had DD in Dec. and am having this LO in June so some of my shirts and shorts from last time are too small (I am one of those people that gets pregnant from head to toe so everything gets bigger).

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  • Not sure, maybe around $400? I bought a little at a time with one bigger purchase a couple of weeks ago. I need to get at least one pair or capris or shorts still but I really dread the thought of dropping more money for something I only need for a few more weeks. Maybe I'll check out some thrift stores.
  • Probably around $700 between this pg and the last one.


  • Maybe $100 from me  - My mom probably spend about $50.  But I didn't start showing until week 30 and I am still wearing my pre-preg yoga pants and shirts
  • Less than $200 for me. I hit the sales and got 8 shirts, 1 dress, and one set piece for $100, at ten bucks a pop I could afford it. Plus I went for "nursing" shirts because a lot of them were reviewed as being plenty long for pregnancy and obviously good nursing shirts as well. The pants were the most expensive at $25 each on sale, so I have three pairs and they seem to be holding up fine so far. Thinking of buying some shorts, but honestly I hate the "secret belly" thing, sure it's comfortable, but I want something I'll wear afterwards and not just my last three months.

    No hand-me-downs. And yes, this is counting those costly stores, everything I bought was from Destination Motherhood, there really aren't a lot of maternity places around here.

  • I'd say about $600-- i had nothing and no hand me downs. i have a professional work attire so unfortunately that was the largest expense.
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  • I would say probably between $300-400. I had no friends, family, or anyone to get used clothes from. I've bought a few things off of ebay,, and BRU, but I mostly shop at Motherhood. The one that I go to always has sales racks full of stuff, so I pick from that. Every now and then I'll splurge and get a something that's not on sale, like my convertible cargo pants (which I'm in love with!). I just make sure to try everything on with that pillow thing to make sure the item is still going to fit when I am bigger.  
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  • Not much this time around.  I already had quite a bit from my first pregnancy, got a TON of hand-me-downs from my sister, and a few from my SIL.

    That being said, I still picked up a few new items to feel cute and current.  So I guess I've probably spent somewhere in the $200-ish range?

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  • Oh, I should also add my mom is crazy and gifted me a bunch of new mat stuff too! 
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