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Anyone else work at Harvard?

Hi all,

 I just started a new job at Harvard and the day before I started the job I found out that I was four weeks pregnant.   My husband and I are completely shocked but really happy. 

I am having a hard time figuring out what leave policies apply to me.  It is not clear in the benefits handouts.  Also, I am too nervous right now to ask anyone in HR.  My due date is December 10th and at that time I will have been employed there for eight months.

 I want to come back to work next year after the baby is born.  Does anyone have any advice for me in terms of when and how to tell my boss and HR.  Who should I tell first, etc...?



Re: Anyone else work at Harvard?

  • Hi, I work at MIT but have some familiarity with Harvard through professional connections. I'd advise you to go talk to the Work/Life office Sorry I can't make this clicky (on a Mac):

    Here's their service description:

     The Office of Work/Life Resources helps Harvard?s diverse population find solutions to the daily challenges of personal, work, and family life. It provides information and referral to assist with life events of all kinds and to help manage unexpected disruptions of work or academic activities. For concerns ranging from workplace stress to caring for a young child or an elderly relative, Harvard?s faculty and staff have access to a wide variety of resources to help them manage their work/life balance. 

    Hope that helps, good luck!

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  • My husband is at Harvard and just came home with a packet on on this.  What you are entitled to depends on a) what type of employee you are (faculty, staff, union) and b) how long you have been there (less that 6 years or more than 6 I think).

     He is getting 4 weeks of paid paternity leave (3 weeks leave for using 1 week of his accrued vacation) at 100% salary.  He could have taken 4 weeks at 75% if he didn't have or didn't want to use a week of vacation.  There was a whole flow chart for the other kinds of employees, he is non-tenure faculty.

    He went to HR 2 weeks ago when I was at 16 weeks and he's been at Harvard for awhile but only in his current job for 1 year.

    I'd say wait till 12 weeks if you don't want to rush it but I wouldn't wait too much longer since you'll want to know what to plan for.

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  • Thanks guys.  I reread the benefits this weekend for my benefits meeting on Monday. 
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