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How do you know if its ADD/ADHD?

I have a almost 2.5 year old. She has ALWAYS been hyper-active. But, also very sharp and intelligent. Great at puzzles, reading, etc.

However, over the last few months, noticed a huge regression with paying attention. She cant sit for a second. Her behavior has also changed and has gotten borderline aggressive. She fights everything - I mean everything. Nothing can be done w/o a fight. Her daycare teachers also have said that there has been a change in her. But they think she is emulating some other kids in class that are having issues- I am hoping this is a phase, because it has become very taxing fighting her on every mundane task.

Going back to the lack of attention, I recently enrolled her in a dance class for 2-3 year olds. Out of the 5 girls in class, she is the ONLY one in la la land not paying attention to the instructor. The other girls are about 6-7 months older (maybe thats the difference?) but for example, the teacher said to lay down when the music stops and get up and dance when the music starts. When the music stopped, all the girls laid down (except my daughter) she stood over them and shouted "wake-up!" over and over. The teacher calls her name, she doesnt even flinch and doesnt turn around. Its like she wants to do it, but cant sit still to hear her for a second. I dont think she told the girls to wake-up to be disruptive. I honestly think she wasnt listening to the teacher and didnt know what to do. I noticed that she copies what the other girls are doing vs. doing what the teachers instructed.

This is NOT her. Have no clue whats going on.

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Re: How do you know if its ADD/ADHD?

  • ADD/ADHD doesn't really get diagnosed until your child is close to 6 years old. Your DD is too young to be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

    Could she have a different issue? Maybe sensory? My friend's son can't sit still at ALL, and he has sensory issues and is now working with an OT to help him and you can see major differences. Talk to your ped.

    Also, age 3 is MUCH MUCH harder than age 2. Kids become very defiant and a lot more verbal and everything takes so much longer.

    As for the dance class, maybe she's just not ready for it. If it were me, I'd stop going for a few months and see if that made a difference. You can always start up again. Maybe you need to find something that she really loves and she might be more attentive.

    Lastly, the books "123 Magic" and "Playful Parenting" helped me a lot.........

    GL! To me, it sounds like typical 2-3 year old behavior. Nothing you wrote sounds out of the ordinary to me. 

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  • My understanding (we have a lot of Early Intervention therapists in and out of our home all week b/c Rachel has Cerebral Palsy and we work with Special Ed b/c Harmon has Sensory Integration) kids under 5 are not often diagnoses with ADHD.  It just isn't a condition that shows up at this point supposedly.

     With that said it is possible that your child may have some sort of sensory issues or other type developmental issues.  When in doubt I always say get an evaluation.  Until she turns 3 she can be evaluated through Early Intervention (usually) and after age 3 she would go through her school district.  I would talk with your pedi about a referral and go from there.  She might just be age typical but it is better safe than sorry. 

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  • My guess is she si 2 1/2 and acting her age.  At 2-4 - 6-7 month age difference is a huge age diffrence.  Kids change so much in this timeframe.  My older DD will be 5 in June and we are in the process of having an assessment done on her at a child behavioral center.  Trust me when I tell you this is not an easy process.  At age 5, she is very young to be going through this but she was born with a brain injury so we are doing this to rule out a lot of things, ADHD is one thing that might be an issue.  There is a huge chance that we could walk away from this with no answers as age 5 (her appointment is 2 weeks before her 5th b-day) is still young to diaginose this but we need to rule out things to make sure she is getting all that she needs as far as giving her the best shot.  If you truly think that there is something going on with your DD outside of the NORMAl 2 year old behavior, I would call your ped.,  Track when you notice things and any triggers that are happening.  They will ask a lot of questions.  With my 5 year old - she is in a PreK program and the differences are there for all to be seen in black and white - she is less mature than her peers, she processes things differently (when playing a game, the other kids all have the answers and are ready to move on and my DD is still figuring it out), she has tantrums while by age 4 1/2 (give or take) the other kids have started to outgrow this, she still mainly parellel plays where the other kids are playing with each other.  YOu will need to give specidic situations to the ped for them to decide if anything else needs to be looked at.  Again, my guess from reading what you wrote is that she is acting her age and all kids develop at different ages.  I would try to see how she does in situations with kids that are withing a few months of her age not 6+ months.
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  • thank you for the responses. I know its too early and it may not even be ADHD but something else. I just didnt know where to categorize it I guess. I spoke to Pedi and we have an appoint in a couple of weeks. I am also talking to her daycare/preschool teachers to see what they think. Good luck to you all of you!
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  • Hi I was just about to post something very similar on my local board.

    My son will be 3 in mid May. He sounds very similar to your DD. He can't sit still or focus very well. He is interested in activities for a very short amount. We took him to 2 different things this weekend and both were car or truck related things he likes a lot. Both times he could not sit still.

    We have his 3 year old appt next month so I plan on asking his Pedi about it.

    I makes me so jealous when I see other children with their families and they are having fun and we seem to be chasing him around or trying to keep up with him wiggeling all over the place.

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  • Didn't read the other responses- however do you think any of the regression is due to having a new sibling? having less attention ~ maybe acting out because of it?

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  • I dont know its hard to say. She has been great with her sister and hasnt really shown any jealousy at all. She does want me to feed her again and rock her like a baby and sometimes she will put baby's paci in her mouth - but much of this behavior is when the baby isnt around. So, not sure if its related.
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    I dont know its hard to say. She has been great with her sister and hasnt really shown any jealousy at all. She does want me to feed her again and rock her like a baby and sometimes she will put baby's paci in her mouth - but much of this behavior is when the baby isnt around. So, not sure if its related.

    I only ask because we had something similar. My DD is very active to begin with- always has been. She is GREAT with her little brother- but I have noticed since Chase was born- she is just a little more hyper- especially in the early months- I really attributed a lot of it to nursing the baby so much- and not being able to 'run her out' as easily (because I was inside feeding the baby) ~ once chase got a little bigger and could go longer between feedings things got a little more on track. Anywho- just wanted to throw it out there as a possibility.

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  • KGskyKGsky member

    It could be age.  Kids get a lot more able to follow directions and understand closer to 3.  As other posters have said hyperactivity can't really be diagnosed at this age due to some fairly normal hyper tot behavior.  But do you think she can't listen, or she's just NOT listening?

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