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ISIS prepared childbirth class with Denise

Has anyone taken this class with Denishe. We are going to sign up for it at the Brookline location and were curious as to others' reviews. Thanks.


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Re: ISIS prepared childbirth class with Denise

  • Moo22Moo22 member
    I took mine in Hanover with Cheryl.  I've heard mixed reviews about several of Isis' classes but I've only heard good things about Prepared Childbirth, so I am sure that it will be good for you :)
  • Good class, I took it in Brookline, but I took it with Susan (who is prob out on MAT leave). That class made DH and I realize that we wanted him to be in the room when I had the baby (prior to that, I didn't want him there). Very informative and really incorporated your partner.
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