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Where to take a 1 year old near Denton?

Does anyone know of any fun places to take a 1 year old little boy near Denton? We just moved here in January and thus far, I haven't heard of anything exciting. Any advice?


Re: Where to take a 1 year old near Denton?

  • I'd head south a little bit on 35W and take him to Cabela's to see the fish and animals. I take my girls there when the heat starts to climb! Denton is sort of out of the way...you could also take him walking at Southlake Town Center, or to the carousel in Grapevine...oh, Cannon Pkwy in Roanoke (business 114) has a great splash pad for hot days.
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  • I just moved from there. If you want to go up north to Gainesville there is Frank Buck Zoo and a cute park outside the zoo. Go north on 35 and then exit California and go left, it will be on the left.

    DH and I also loved taking the baby to the Square and strolling around, going in and out of the shops and getting ice cream at Beth Maries.

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  • I just saw this.. haven't been on the boards lately...

    Here are some good FREE activities:

    The libraries have story times..they haven't updated the summer events yet though:


     They also put on a FREE Splish Splash Story Time in the summer at the water park Friday mornings.  We love this.. the kids sit listening to stories/singing and then they open up the toddler area of the water park for about 25 minutes.  June 10th - July 29th

     The mall has an indoor play area (not the best, but it keeps them entertained for a little bit!)

    The parks & rec department has a lot of great programs but most start at age 2.


    We did their "swim" lessons at about 12 months and again around 22 months.  She didn't learn much but it got her used to the water

     What part of Denton are you in?  My DS is going on 14 months.

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