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Where to live in the city!

Well, I guess its time to move out of the one bedroom! 

I would really prefer to stay in the city, but I am scared because almost everyone I know moves out to the suburbs when they have a kid. I know there are a lot of mom's groups in Charlestown, not sure we can find a place with enough space there though. We are also considering Southie.

Any thoughts on a kid friendly part of the city? 



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Re: Where to live in the city!

  • We live in Dorchester - Adams Corner, Lower Mills area... it's fantastic!!! Lots of kids in the neighborhood - really safe... the rentals are affordable.. and unlike Southie you can park!

    There are tons of parks in the area - I walk daily and i'm always out and about - the neighborhood is extremely friendly with lots of young families.

    Good luck!


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  • Brookline is really nice and right off the T(but technically not in the city). The coolidge corner area has lots of stroller traffic and there are tons of parks. The schools are excellent and ISIS maternity has mom-baby classes. Renting is reasonable, but to buy a home here is a HUGE cost/investment. If you are renting, you will likely need to rent a parking space since there is no overnight parking from 2-6 am on the streets. 
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  • I second the Dorchester-Adams/Lower Mills area. Great area, lots of parks, kids,etc. Affordable compared to many other parts of Boston.  Roslindale and JP have some nice parts to check out too.
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  • You mentioned Southie.  We live in Fort Point Channel right near the Children's Museum! I think it is the perfect place for little kids.  So far only 1 other baby in building (she'll be 1 in June) but our bldg is new, people in it young.  I expect a growing community of families.  FYI part of why I feel comfortable staying in an urban area is my Dad and Stepmom live in the suburbs and have a beautiful yard for LO(s) to play.
  • We live in Savin Hill Dorchester. Very close to the beach and train and playground and we bought a huge three story house for very reasonable price.
  • Arlington!

    We're moving in to our new home in Arlington in July.  There is an Isis center, lots of playgrounds, T and bus accessibility and affordable homes (in my opinion -- but that's different for everyone, I guess).

    You should also look at the school district before you move, in case you want to be there for a while.

    Good luck!

  • We live in the South End, right across the street from a great baby store (Tadpole) and lots of parks within walking distance.  It feels like we're in the center of the city when we want to go out to eat or go shopping but still has a neighborhood feel with lots of moms and strollers during the day.  Not sure what we'll do when it comes time to think about schools but for now we're really happy here!
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  • Have you considered Roslindale or Jamaica Plain?  Both areas are EXTREMELY kid friendly, have lots of playgrounds, and activities everyday for kids.  JP Moms is also a very active and organized mom organization.  Lastly, prices are reasonable so you can get a house with a yard!
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