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ISIS, Prudential Building

 Just an update for anyone looking into ISIS classes - I've taken the 4 "must takes" and here is the update --


So... I took the breastfeeding class last night... umm, I wasn't impressed. I wish I saved my $$!!!
She really didn't give any information that you wouldn't already know.

I shouldn't of taken Newborn Essentials or Breastfeeding... too bad! Newborn Essentials and Breastfeeding are beyond basic - the information is just ridiculous.. if you've ever babysat or held a baby.. you would know the information they tell you - not worth it!

I'm kind of bummed.  Wish I saved my $$.
The best classes were Natural Childbirth & Infant CPR - BOTH MUST TAKES!!


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Re: ISIS, Prudential Building

  • Thank you for the honest opinion, good to know. I am just about ready to book my childbirth class. I am planning on going to the Brookline location though.
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  • I did the newborn essentials and the BF basics at ISIS in hanover location and I feel the same way! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY


    we signed up for barks and babies and im hoping this class is worth the money!!! 

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  • Thanks for the feedback, I was just on their website looking at classes so this is really helpful.
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  • I agree that newborn essentials was a total waste of time and money. I thought prepared childbirth was pretty good for DH and infant CPR is def a must take. I took them at the Brookline location, but the useless instructor for newborn essentials taught at the Pru too. I wonder if it was the same lady...
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  • I am taking Mind Body Birthing in Boston right now. I have only had 1 of 5 classes so far and find it helpful.  Will update after I've completed the full course but for now it is a definite recommend for anyone interested in developing a relaxed mindset about the whole process.
  • Oh no...wish I had read this earlier! We are schedule for newborn essentials and infant CPR this Sunday in Hanover. Too late to cancel now. We did take prepared childbirth through them too and I thought that was work the money.
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  • Moo22Moo22 member
    I can't speak for Newborn Essentials but since I worked for Isis Hanover for a short time I got to take Infant CPR and the class was very VERY informative and useful.  Although nobody ever wants to imagine having to revive their child or deal with choking, the information that you learn in the CPR class will help you confidently handle such a situation if God forbid it were to occur.
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