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He's been napping so long....

I sewed 6 ruffle strips on my quilt project....put away two loads of laundry....read a bunch of nest posts.... watched last night's HIMYM.... and my boobs hurt! It's only been about 2 hours but that's a looonnggg nap for J. And even better--while it took walking around and shushing to get him wound down, he was still awake when he was put down and he fell asleep all by himself after about 5 minutes of "talking" to the ceiling fan.
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Re: He's been napping so long....

  • I really love when they do things like talk for awhile at that age! SO cute!

    Glad you got so much done, and glad he fell asleep on his own! YAY!  (we are still cosleeping, so I am very jealous :) )

  • He's actually still asleep and I'm starting to worry that he thinks it's night-time, as we're going on 3.5 hours. I am tempted to wake him up.....I also put him down in the miracle blanket instead of the SwaddleMe. I might have to try that tonight and see if it continues to help.

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  • Wow a 3.5 hour nap! I don't think M has ever napped that long.
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  • Ha! I remember that - you're annoyed when they take short naps and then when they take long naps you sit there twiddling your thumbs, waiting for them to wake up.

    Glad to hear you managed to be productive. Hopefully this is a sign of long naps to come!

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  • wow, that is great!
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