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HELP - problems at work with pregnancy

Any advice that ANYONE has would be helpful. I told my employer on January 11th that I was expecting my 1st child (I just found out 2 days before). At the time they were veryunderstanding and said to take as much time as I needed, etc. I work for a small company in Cranston that only employes a total of 5 people (including the 2 owners & myself).  I am now being told my OTHER co-workers that the owners have discussed with them their concern for me being out. I have requested a meeting to talk to them about my intentions (which I previously did in January by stating I was planning on taking 8-10 weeks depending on my delivery and would return to work after) and they were fine with that. Now it's like they are pushing me out. I am on the verge of a mental breakdown! I wish they would have told me when I was 4 1/2 weeks pregnant that they were concerned rather than being 17 weeks. Nobody is going to hire someone who is pregnant knowing they will be out for 2 months. I am due Spetmeber 21st and at a loss for words. This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life and instead, I am so stressed! FMLA does not protect me because of the size of the company. PLEASE ... does anyone have any advice?

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    First off, I'm so sorry they're doing this to you. I can't imagine being in that position. I just started a new job in October (found out I was pg just after accepting the offer in Sept) and I don't qualify for FMLA until I've been here a year. I was very lucky to have an understanding boss who is letting me return, but I know how stressful it can be to try to negotiate leave.

    Hopefully they will grant you leave and not force you out. But, if they do...

    See if you pay into Temporary Disability Insurance in RI. If you do, that would provide you with some income for immediately after delivery (I believe it's 6 weeks) while you're medically unable to work. After your doctor clears you to go back to work (even though you don't have a job to go back to), apply for unemployment benefits. Since the unemployment rate is so high in this state, you can get almost 2 years of UE benefits, I believe. It probably won't be as much as your paychecks, but it will definitely help until you can find a new position at a better company. If your health insurance is through your employer, you'll have to apply for COBRA to continue that.

    Good luck.

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  • FMLA may not protect you regarding having a job after you return but I agree with the other person - check to see if they pay into RI's TDI and that way you can get paid immediately after birth (1-2 week waiting period). Regardless that they do not have to adhere to FMLA laws - it is still ILLEGAL to discriminate against you because you're pregnant. I would try my hardest to hang in there until you give birth. Don't let them drive you to quit. If they fire you - find a lawyer and fast! I have some names of people that could help you. I would be prepared for anything and just go in and do your best job every day. 

    They may need a little reminder that you have rights - I would talk to an attorney and get his/her advice because what they are trying to do is illegal. 

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  • Thanks so much for your advice, my situation went from bad to worse. They went and hired a full time employee behind my back and have now given me 2 weeks left to work before "terminating" me. My option was to go part time (which financially I cannot afford to do) or be terminated and collect unemployment. I am talking to my doctor this week about being able to take a stress leave which qualifies under TDI to carry me through delivery and then apply for UI Benefits if I am unable to secure a new position with a new company by then.

    I am TOTALLY being discriminated against for trying to start a family it it truly hurts me. I feel helpless. I am thinking that a lawyer may be a good option, any suggestions you may have would be great. Feel free to email me at [email protected]


    Thank you so much!


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