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First AF since having DS (this is pretty TMI)

OK, so I know the first AF after having a baby is a nasty one.  Heavy, crampy, etc.  It sucks.

But this one - this is by far the WORST period I've ever had in my life.  The sheer amount of what is coming out of my body.  I actually don't know whether to worry or not.  It's beyond the capabilities of any tampons/pads/etc.  I've woken up the past two mornings with my bed looking like a crime scene. 

This is awful.  And I'm on a much higher dose of Aleve than I'm sure is recommended.  But it's the only thing that's helping.


My IUD that I ordered is not in yet - my OB/GYN says it's better to have it inserted while I have my period - I wish I could just get that over with this week.

And I'm beyond moody.



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Re: First AF since having DS (this is pretty TMI)

  • oh, I'm so sorry

    I'm so afraid...I have not had AF since Jan 2008, it's gonna be a doozy, that's for sure

    I hope you feel better!


  • I think the "call your doctor" indicator is if you soak through a pad in an hour. So if you have the AF from hell (and I'm so sorry you do - my postpartum periods have definitely sucked) I would call them and see if you should go in.

    Also, look into Chux. They're disposal hospital bed liners that you can put under yourself while you sleep to protect the sheet. Ugh.

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  • Uggh.  Who loves AF on even the best of days?  That sound terrible.  If you are looking for the liners and want an easier to find version, puppy training pads are virtually the same. Feel better.
  • Eek I'm sorry. :(  I would call the doctor.

    I was already dreading getting AF, but now I'm scared.
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  • I actually saved some of the post-partum pads from the hospital just for this


  • The Aleve may also be acting as a blood thinner and making it worse.

    I would definitely call the doctor.  In the meantime, I would do tampon and pad and change every hour or so.  I had a period like this the cycle before we got pregnant while on vacation and it was horrible.  I'm so sorry for you.

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  • My first couple AF postpartum were like that. The first time I had no idea what to expect and it was just miserable. At one point it was so heavy I thought I had forgotten a tampon, yuck. I never called the Dr, maybe I should have. Good luck, hope it gets better soon.
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