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Pajamas during summer?

What does your LO sleep in during the summer? M wore long-sleeved footed fleecy pajamas during the winter, but he obviously needs something cooler for the warmer months. I'm trying to decide if a onesie and a sleep sack is enough. He usually runs warm.
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Re: Pajamas during summer?

  • Last summer DD slept in long-sleeved PJs (some footed/some not, but I think we had given up the sleep sack for her by then).  Once we turn on the A/C the house is going to be pretty cool at night, so short sleeves might not work for us (even with a warm kid).  I guess it depends on how cold you keep your house in the summer. 
  • we put H in a long-sleeved onesie last night with a cotton swaddle me sleep sack. she was fine! it was warm (like 70+) inside and i couldn't bring myself to turn the a/c on. i left the ceiling fan on in her room all night though.

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  • When my kids were in cribs I put them in long-sleeved lightweight pjs. We keep the house at 70 during the summer and they rarely would keep blankets 
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  • Last night, we had the LOs in Carters shorts and t-shirt PJs and the cotton sleep sacks. It was 70 in the house but probably a little warmer in their rooms (we run ceiling fans). I plan on doing that until we start using the AC, and then I'll probably do long sleeve footies and cotton sleep sacks.
  • I think it depends on how cool your house is with AC. J always slept in a sleep sack and onesie, but you can mix it up - long-sleeved onesie if your house runs cold, or short sleeve if it runs hot.

    We also got Aden + Anais sleep sack, which is linen so it's a little more breathable and keeps J cooler (he also tends to run hot).

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  • J is always warm, and he slept last night in a short sleeve onesie and cotton Swaddleme. If he was in a sleepsack I'd probably put him in long sleeves. Our house was about 71 when I went to bed.
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  • Under one my kids slept in the thin cotton footie pajamas, a onesie if it was really hot.  I would say they were 18mo before I put them in two piece jammies for summer.
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