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swaddling when it's warm

It suddenly got warm in our house this afternoon and LO runs warm anyway. I tried to swaddle him just now for his nap, but even with just a onesie underneath, he was overheating and got mad. So I put him down in just the onesie, which he seems pretty happy with temperature-wise, but he keeps waking himself up with his arms and legs. Any suggestions? 
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Re: swaddling when it's warm

  • once Warner got to be around 3+ months, he didn't need to have his legs in the swaddle anymore. We would just wrap it tightly around his upper body and he was fine with it--and it was cooler! :-)

    You might want to give it a shot. 

  • or do just the legs


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  • We just put V down in his CD and the swaddle--no other clothes. We also have the arm-waking issue if we don't swaddle.
  • Can you set up a fan in his room? We have a Vornado blowing on J right now (he's in a onesie and sleep sack) because otherwise he would be totally overheating too. This in-between weather sucks.
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  • Scratch that. It worked for his nap, but not tonight. V keeps waking up hot. We took his legs out of the swaddle, put the fan on, and he just woke up yet again.
  • LO was ok tonight with the onesie and Swaddleme, but he only napped for 30 minutes between 4 and 9 this afternoon/night(which took hours of soothing to get) and he was an overheated crankymonster until he went down for the night. Poor kiddo.
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  • Do you have a small fan you can put in his room?

    It's less of a problem when it gets consistently warm and you can turn on the a/c. 

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  • Our upstairs gets very hot and when the weather turned, DS was still sleeping swaddled. Sometimes I put him in just his diaper and an Aden and Anais swaddle blanket. They are pricey but they were worth every penny for us - they are a great size and are a breathable muslin fabric so the baby doesn't overheat. I highly recommend them! They also have fantastic sleep sacks for when you're done swaddling.

    We also ran our fans constantly...for us as well as for him!

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  • Someone beat me to it - I was going to suggest the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.  My son was born in June and those were the only ones that didnt seem to overheat him and were breathable.  He loved to be swaddled and only calmed down or slept when swaddled; so finding a summer-friendly blanket was priority for us!  I plan to use them again for my baby coming in July.  We had an AC/fan in baby room as well as a room temperature sensor that is shaped like an egg to alert us when too cold/hot (https://www.amazon.com/Grobag-Egg-Digital-Room-Thermometer/dp/B001BWS0MQ).  I got it as a shower gift hence why I use it.  Don't know if I ever would have thought to buy it but it has been a nice extra peace of mind to use all year for extreme temps of summer and winter.
  • What are you using to swaddle with?  We had been swaddling with Halo swaddles, and switched to cotton ones when the weather warmed up.  He also had a fan going, well, he still does, to circulate the air and prevent over-heating (with the added benefit of providing white noise).   
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