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I just got a gel manicure and...

I was talking to the woman doing my nails and the lady next to me overheard us talking and she literally lectured me the entire time about why it is not safe to get a manicure (specifically a gel manicure) while pregnant.
She asked how far along I was and I told her 17 weeks and 6 days, and I wish you could have seen the look on her face!!!  You would think I was shooting heroine next to her!  I tried to ignore her thinking she would stop talking, but she didn't! 
Can you believe some people?  I didn't think it was a big deal at all to get a gel manicure, am I wrong?

Re: I just got a gel manicure and...

  • I heard early on that some nail polishes weren't safe. I asked my doctor about it and she practically rolled her eyes and said, nail polish is fine... I've had 3 manicures since getting preggo (not gel but I was considering it!).
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  • kleu9kleu9 member

    That woman needs a swift kick in the rear. I would have told her that you were particularly looking forward to the round of tequila shots you would be having that evening after you smoked a pack of cigs and went sky diving.

    Seriously, people need to calm themselves down when it comes to what is and isn't safe when pregnant. A manicure (gel or not) is absolutely fine and the only concern is the ventilation in those locations which is equally bad for a pregnant or non-pregnant person.

    You show off those nails sister!

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  • I would have told her that she was wrong and that she needed to mind her own business.  What a biotch. 
  • I think it was rude of her to comment, but since you asked, I would avoid the gel manicure. Not so much because of the polish itself but because taking it off requires soaking your nails in acetone. Probably not a huge deal but seemed better to avoid during pregnancy if you don't need to.
  • I don't know about a gel manicure, but I did look into this before getting pg because I used to get manicures weekly.

    For a regular manicure:

    Some polishes are not good because they can have DBP, formaldehyde or toluene which some studies have shown to be unsafe. I am not sure how unsafe- and I feel like there are risks with everything. But, what I read convinced me to avoid these ingredients but still get a manicure.

    OPI took these out of their polishes 2 years ago, so stick with them. Also, you should avoid acetone polish remover.

    I just had a manicure last week. And, I made sure to have them not use the acetone polish remover and a OPI color that did not contain these ingredients. And, I am getting a pedicure this week and doing the same thing.

    I will say the ventilation was a problem for me, so I am going to a higher end salon for the pedicure to avoid this. And, also this salon is more green friendly.

    But, either way, that lady should have minded her own business. 


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    Lilypie - (hfj2)
  • That lady needs to mind her own business. My doctor basically said that, nail polish, hair dye, all of that stuff that people worry about is fine, as long as I'm not swallowing it.
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  • My Dr. said nail polish and hair dye is perfectly fine just to make sure I'm in a well ventilated area.  Even if it was a risk, that woman has no place to lecture you and definately should have stopped after you didn't respond.
  • I don't think it was the nail polish, she was probably more concerned about the pressure points being massaged causing contractions. If done the right way by a professional I think it is fine. But I don't really know a lot about pressure points causing preterm labor I've just heard of it. Either way, it really wasn't any of her business.

     ETA: I totally misread the OP, and thought she said PEDicure. I really don't think there is anything wrong with a manicure.  

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  • imageacaver:
    My Dr. said nail polish and hair dye is perfectly fine just to make sure I'm in a well ventilated area.  Even if it was a risk, that woman has no place to lecture you and definately should have stopped after you didn't respond.

    This.  I get a gel manicure every two weeks and no one better say anything to me!

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