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Ugh, home from an unexpected 2 day hospital stay

Just 2 weeks and 2 days into my life as a new mom and I end up back in the hospital. Ain't I lucky?? I posted last week that my doctor was putting me on antibiotics for a bladder infection. Well it blew up into a full on kidney infection and I ended up in the ER on Thursday because I was vomiting and I had some crazy fever spikes and absolutely no appetite. The next thing I knew I was admitted and spent two nights being pumped full of antibiotics and was in quite a bit of pain. No fun.

The good news is, I'm home now, I feel much better and baby Laurel is doing great. My aunt who lives nearby and our friends all helped out watching her so DH could be with me at the hospital. The nurses were all very nice and were sympathetic to the fact that I was devastated having to be away from my daughter. They even got a nice breast pump from the OB ward so I could continue pumping while I was there. I was allowed to go back to BFing today and Laurel picked up like she never stopped so I'm very relieved.

 Anyway, lesson is - don't let bladder infections or UTIs go too long or you'll end up in the hospital like me. I didn't have some of the classic symptoms (like the burning and peeing thing) but my bladder and kidneys were very sore and the fever should've let me know that I needed to get on drugs ASAP, but my doctor was still thinking it was postpartum related. This was not how I expected these first few weeks to go, but I'm just happy to be healthier now and looking forward to enjoying the rest of my maternity leave. And to be back on the Bump! I have so many questions...  Stick out tongue


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Re: Ugh, home from an unexpected 2 day hospital stay

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